ICAST 2024 – Bring the heat!


Bates Brings the Heat to Orlando with the O.G. and a Trio of New Reel Releases

ORLANDO, FL – July 2024 – Bates Fishing Company, renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship and innovative design, is set to make waves at this year’s International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST) in Orlando, Florida. We are thrilled to show off the O.G. that debuted earlier in 2024 as well as to introduce three brand new products that promise to redefine the angling experience in their respective fields: the Salty Hundo, the G.O.A.T. SWM, and the Hundo LTS.

The Bates Salty Hundo: Elevate your saltwater game with the Salty Hundo—the latest evolution in precision engineering for saltwater anglers. While the original Hundo was formidable in saline environments, the Salty Hundo is meticulously reengineered to thrive in the harshest marine conditions. Crafted on our 100-sized frame, it features a nautical blue anodized aluminum body, now fortified with an upgraded brass internal gear set and stainless steel components. Corrosion concerns are a thing of the past, thanks to these enhancements. With our dual Matrix braking system anglers can achieve precise control, even with lighter inshore lines and lures. The newly designed CNC milled crank arm and Torx titanium screw ensure silkysmooth operation. Whether targeting trophy fish or delicate species, the Salty Hundo offers unparalleled performance and reliability in the salt.

• Frame Size: 100
• Gear Ratio: 7.1:1
• Body: CNC precision cut 6061-T6 bar stock aluminum
• Bearings: 10+2+1
• Line Pickup: 28” per crank
• Brakes: Adjustable dual brakes
• Crank Arm: 88 mm aluminum
• Finish: Nautical blue and Gunmetal grey anodized anti-corrosion
• Case: Custom neoprene reel case
• Drag: 15 lb
• Weight: 5.8 oz
• Line Capacity: Mono – 14 lbs / 100 yds, Braided – 30 lbs / 100 yds

The Bates G.O.A.T. SWM: Presenting the G.O.A.T. SWM, engineered for those targeting larger, tougher quarry or casting heavy baits. Each G.O.A.T. SWM starts as a solid block of 6061-T6 bar stock aluminum, sculpted to perfection on our state-of-the-art 9-axis CNC machine. It features a deeper spool for ample line capacity, essential for long casts. The new brass gear set is designed to handle the brute force of battling heavyweight predators, ensuring no gear slippage. With a custom-milled titanium crank arm and oversized knobs, anglers can command every cast and retrieve with precision.

• Frame Size: 200
• Gear Ratio: 7.1:1
• Body: CNC precision cut 6061-T6 bar stock aluminum
• Bearings: 10+1 stainless steel with anti-corrosion coating
• Line Pickup: 32” per crank
• Drag Assembly: Stainless steel & titanium with watertight seal
• Brakes: Adjustable magnetic brakes
• Crank Arm: 120 mm CNC milled
• Finish: Gunpowder black and flint grey anodized anticorrosion
• Case: Custom neoprene reel case
• Drag: 18 lb
• Weight: 9.4 oz
• Line Capacity: Mono – 12 lbs / 200 yds, Braided – 30 lbs / 260 yds

The Bates Hundo LTS: Introducing the Hundo LTS, the pinnacle of light tackle fishing. With a gunmetal grey anodized aluminum frame accented in anodized gold, the Hundo LTS is crafted from 6061-T6 bar stock on our 9-axis CNC machine. This reel boasts a reengineered spool and brakes, perfect for micro-finesse baits and lures. The shallower, skeletonized spool allows for effortless adjustment of lighter lines, enabling precise, delicate presentations. Ideal for targeting finicky trout or bass, the Hundo LTS promises to elevate your finesse game to new heights.

• Frame Size: 100
• Gear Ratio: 7.1:1
• Body: CNC precision cut 6061-T6 bar stock aluminum
• Bearings: 10+2+1
• Line Pickup: 28” per crank
• Brakes: Adjustable dual brakes
• Crank Arm: 88 mm CNC milled
• Finish: Gunmetal grey and gold anodized anticorrosion
• Case: Custom neoprene reel case
• Drag: 8.5 lb
• Weight: 5 oz
• Line Capacity: Mono – 4 lbs / 100 yds, Braided – 12 lbs / 100 yds

About Us
At Bates Fishing Company, our mission is clear: to redefine the standard of excellence in reel manufacturing by prioritizing quality craftsmanship and innovative design. We are committed to challenging the status quo of the fishing industry, where mass production often leads to compromises in materials and construction. Our goal is to revive the craft of reel making with meticulous attention to detail and premium-grade materials sourced from around the globe.

Core Values:

• Commitment to Innovation: We continuously seek new ideas, methods, and technologies to improve products, services, and processes. We foster a culture that encourages creativity, experimentation, and the pursuit of breakthrough solutions to meet evolving customer needs and stay ahead of our competition.
• Excellence in Manufacturing: We relentlessly pursue quality, efficiency, and precision in all aspects of the manufacturing process. We set high standards for product design, materials, production techniques, and quality control to ensure that every product meets or exceeds customer expectations.
• Customer Satisfaction: Recognizing that customers are the lifeblood of our business, we listen to their feedback, understand their needs and preferences, and go above and beyond to deliver exceptional products and services that delight customers at every interaction.

No Bull. Just Bates: Bates Fishing Company is more than a brand; our very name is a promise of exceptional quality and performance for those who demand the best on every cast. We always build better and are upfront with customers about all of our products and what’s in them. Bates Manufacturing: Based in Celina, Texas, our team of dedicated professionals combines American ingenuity with global partnerships to create reels that exemplify precision and performance. While our manufacturing process spans continents, every aspect of our reels—from initial design to engineering and sourcing—is meticulously carried out and overseen by an inhouse team. We pride ourselves on achieving unparalleled precision and control over every element of production.

Join us at ICAST 2024 Booth 1144 in Orlando to witness the unveiling of these revolutionary reels. With the Salty Hundo, G.O.A.T. SWM, and Hundo LTS, Bates Fishing Company continues to push the boundaries of fishing innovation, delivering unmatched performance and reliability to anglers worldwide.

For more information about these and other Bates Fishing Co. products, visit our website at www.batesfishingco.com.

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VP of Marketing & Brand Development
Email: chris@batesfishingco.com

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