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Bates Fishing Co. Releases the O.G.: An Ode to the History of Reel Making but with New-age Performance

June 10, 2024 — Bates Fishing Co., increasingly recognized for crafting top-tier fishing gear, proudly unveils their masterpiece, the “O.G.” This reel is a nostalgic homage to the classic baitcasters that ignited the passion of anglers worldwide, seamlessly blending vintage vibes with cutting-edge performance.

The O.G. boasts a 100-sized frame, providing anglers with a comfortable feel while delivering powerful functionality. Crafted from CNC precision cut 6061-T6 bar stock aluminum, the one-piece body ensures unparalleled
durability and reliability on the water.

At a mere 5.3 ounces, the O.G. is lightweight yet robust, making it ideal for extended fishing sessions without fatigue. Its brass main and pinion gears, coupled with 10+2+1 bearings, guarantee smooth and precise operation with every cast and retrieve.

Equipped with a 29-inch per crank line pickup, featuring a 7.1:1 gear ratio, the O.G. enables anglers to cover water efficiently and effortlessly. The 88mm aluminum crank arm provides optimal leverage, enhancing control and
comfort during extended battles with trophy fish.

Designed, not just with longevity but legacy in mind, the O.G. features a double anodized finish, making it resistant to the corrosive effects of all marine environments. Whether casting in freshwater lakes or braving the salty inshore, anglers can trust the O.G. to withstand the elements and perform flawlessly.

Furthermore, the O.G. comes equipped with magnetic braking technology, ensuring precise casting control and minimizing backlash, even in challenging conditions. With a drag capacity of 14 pounds, anglers can confidently tackle a wide range of species, from bass to redfish, with ease.

The O.G. offers ample line capacity, accommodating 100 yards of either 14-pound mono or 30-pound braided line, providing anglers with the versatility to pursue their preferred fishing styles and techniques.

Each O.G. reel comes packaged with a custom neoprene reel case, ensuring protection during transport and storage, while also adding a touch of style to any angler’s arsenal. “We’re thrilled to introduce the O.G. to anglers who share our passion for both tradition and innovation,” said Chris Cain, VP of Marketing & Brand Development at Bates Fishing Co. “With its retro charm combined with all of the things we’ve learned in reel making so far, the O.G. kind of tips its cap to the classics while delivering the performance and reliability that today’s anglers expect and demand.”

Experience the best of both worlds with the O.G. from Bates Fishing Co. Upgrade your fishing experience and create lasting memories on the water with this timeless masterpiece.

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Chris Cain
VP of Marketing & Brand Development
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